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Designed to be completed over two days, this course consists of 2 academic, 4 pre/post brief, and approximately 4 flight hours. The academic courseware lays a solid knowledge base upon which the flight training will build. Starting with a simple spin prevent technique and building to a full upset recovery procedure, we'll ease you into unusual attitudes. Along the way, you'll be exposed to common upset scenarios and shown how your natural reactions are often counterproductive and potentially deadly. Build your confidence to recover from even extreme situations in the safe confines of an aerobatic aircraft with large safety margins and an experienced instructor pilot who is there to ensure you learn while having fun. 



If you're working towards your CFI or are simply curious about what spins are, why they occur, and how to avoid and recover from them, then this course is for you! The formal academic presentation will examine spins and the various factors that affect them so that you'll actually be able to predict how the aircraft will behave when we go fly. Fear is often caused by a lack of understanding or exposure. Spend a morning with us and let us show you that spinning can be a lot of fun once you know what to expect! This course combines an hour of academics, an hour of pre/post flight briefing, and approximately an hour in the aircraft.


$150/Hr for N6FD and $50/Hr Instruction

Looking to be the master of your aircraft no matter its attitude? Curious about what a loop is like or always wanted to fly inverted? We'll start with the basic aileron roll, loop, and inverted flight so you're comfortable. Then, we'll advance to spins, Cuban eight, split-S, Immelman, and hammerhead turn maneuvers. Aerobatics will improve your confidence, precision, understanding of aerodynamics, coordination, and situational awareness. Parachutes are included in this hourly rate.  


$150/Hr for N6FD and $50/Hr Instruction

Make your fellow pilots jealous while improving your skills and getting back to the roots of aviation! The Super-Decathlon is a great training airplane. Its large rudder and vertical stabilizer make it very responsive and yet very forgiving. The 180-HP Lycoming engine gives you power to recover from situations you let go a little too far. The formal academic course covers the aerodynamics, basic operational considerations, and environmental awareness aspects of flying conventional gear aircraft. Once in the aircraft, we'll start with taxi techniques and practice the various takeoff, landing, cross wind, and emergency maneuvers until you're confident and proficient. The average time to acquire proficiency varies but 4-6 hours is typical.

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